Thursday, January 22, 2009

2009 Job Cuts Watch

2008 brought us a shaking the US economic down turn news, and we have had experienced and witnessed its effects to our lives. It started with the fall of real estate market continuing to the bankruptcy and closure of major financial institutions. These things has not yet ended, and effects are still visible in the first part of 2009- one of those is JOB CUTS. As we open PinoyDigg again, we will be focusing on the local and international companies slashing head counts to survive in this falling company. We will be searching and researching on these institutions to warn and to prepare us from fear of losing our jobs.

If you have information on company closure and job cuts, please send those to We will keep your identity secret.

2009 Job Cuts: Accenture

Accenture Philippines was in the headlines last year for the rumored sudden laying-off of employees in the midst of the financial institutions bankruptcy news last year. Last January 12, 2009, the company made it again to the news headline as it has reported that the company will be slashing 1500 people in the Philippines. The first batch of 500 workers that undergone what they called the Redundancy Program were informed during the week that they will be leaving the company in the soonest possible time. Those who have been laid-off were offered severance package (at least Php 75,000) for the help they have given to the success company.

According to Accenture, reduction applies only to certain "excess" skill sets within its outsourced technology services unit. Below is a copy of memorandum sent to the employees of Accenture RP:

All Employees in the Accenture Delivery Centers in the Philippines
Beth G. Lui, Country Managing Director and Philippines Lead, DCN
for Technology
January 15, 2009
For your
information - DCN for Technology Redundancy Program

Accenture Internal Use Only***

I wanted to let each of you know
that today we are taking steps to balance the skills in our DCN for Technology
workforce with client demand.

Based on current and projected
demand, DCN for Technology has a workforce imbalance that we have decided to
address through a redundancy program. This program will affect a portion of
unassigned DCN for Technology employees who are on the bench or not deployed on
a project where their time is charged to the client.

This action
will affect a portion of unassigned individuals from our DCN for Technology
organization. We hope to notify every affected employee today through
individual conversations with either a senior executive or senior manager.
All employees whose positions are declared redundant, and who are not able to be
redeployed, will receive a severance package and outplacement support.

If someone you know is affected by the action today, I ask that
you be respectful and supportive. We appreciate their work and the
contribution they have made to Accenture, and wish them well for the
future. I also ask that you remain focused on our most important
priority—serving our clients.

Our business in the
Philippines remains in a strong position overall, provided we manage our
resources in line with current and future client demand. The most important
thing you can do to assist our business is to remain focused on serving our

If you have questions, you may send an email through and we will respond as soon
as possible.

If you are approached by the media or anyone else with
questions regarding the workforce actions today, please do not respond.
Instead, refer all inquiries to Arnie Alcazar ( or +632 8495127) or Louise
Sabariaga ( or +632 8495371) who handle
our media relations.

We will inform you as soon as we complete all
the discussions with the affected employees.



Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!!


Zune 30 Owners in Hysteria! I Smell Red Ring on Zune..

Exactly one day before we welcome 2009, all Zune 30 owners around the world (proud or not), are extremely in rally after another Miscrosoft product could be on our MS paperweight collection. This is after all (including mine- Yes! I said around the world, and Philippine Zune owners are also affected by the issue) Zune 30 got stuck on boot screen - a widespread issue big MS cannot respond for now. So far, this issue has happened to Zune 30 hardware only, so only he early adopters got to receive this New Year gift MS is giving to its customers.

There have been workarounds that have been posted by other users, but this does not assures permanent fix.

If you are one of the pissed Zune 30 owner, then head down to Zune communities/forums for real time updates regarding the issue.

[ Forum]
[Zuneboards News]

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Greeting from PinoyDigg!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Manny 'Pacman' Pacquiao on Frontpage of Yahoo!

It is not Yahoo! Philippines, it is really Yahoo!. The Manny Pacquiao fever is really hitting the world. So the buzz is that our very own Pacman will be fighting the who's who in the boxing world, and next in the queue is Mayweather.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Manila Socialites Making Another Buzz!

When Brian Gorell stood up to fight for his $70,000 rights, that put a Manila socialite group called "Gucci Gang" on frontpages. So much has been revealed by Brian on his blog that has not been put down by the powerful people involved in the issue (or we can say crime). Now, another socialites are making news. From Gucci Gang Issue now comes Pepper Spray Incident.

Happened in the heart of all high-class brawl, Embassy, the bitchy attack of pepper spray was made by Patricia Panlilio Cu-Unijeng to her old high school-mate Neny Montinola with a pepper spray. This caused commotion outside the club, as Neny was rushed to the ER. Celebrities involved that witnessed the scene, Angelu de Leon and Maricar de Mesa are backing up Neny in this incident. This happened on morning of November 19, when all mentioned names were invited to a exclusive party sponsored by the son of Chavit Singson.

Socialites are kinda powerful, as there are reports stating that Patricia requested for suppression of news.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

YouTube Ready for HD?

Got the shock of my day when I went to YouTube and all videos I click are playing on a bigger screen or player. As I calm down, it comes to my mind that Youtube now is ready for 4:3 ratio for widescreen viewing. Videos taken from HD broadcasts can now fit better on this new player. Very nice, isn't?


Monday, November 24, 2008

Pacquiao - Dela Hoya HBO Special Presentation

No doubt about this, it really is the much awaited boxing fight this year. The Pacquiao and Dela Hoya match has been making buzz. No need to explain 'cause these are two big boxing names that will meet for the first time.

ESPN USA has already made their TV special on this fight. Last November 16, it was HBO USA turn to make money out of this match. If you are looking how to stream on the HBO presentation, click on the links below.

HBO Episode 1
HBO Episode 2

Where are you in this Pie of Filipino Salary Range?

I was kinda stunned with the response of the readers of PMT blog on the range of their salaries. On my one year of working, I am only on the orange part. Poor me! Cause ~37% of those who respond where earning more than Php 100,000 - a dream I dunno when will come true for me. How about you, where is your spot?